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“Pay attention to what makes you feel energized, connected, stimulated - what gives you your juice. Do what you love, give it back in the form of service, and you will do more than succeed. You will triumph." ~ Oprah Winfrey

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Are you digging into the challenges of network building? We provide in-depth discussions of building networks to support work like yours. Do you need help and have a “spirit of adventure” in sorting out network building?     Join our next webinar


...a powerful network to create change requires a careful, disciplined investment in strategies designed to make meaningful connections among the people who make change happen.

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A global leader fighting for biodiversity and civilization in the climate crisis, follow Joan's work on the FAN Initiative

"Incisive help on understanding networks and their power. In-depth consulting on how to use a connected world to foster the change so desperately needed."



The visionary and compassionate leader behind Shalefield Stories - Friends of the Harmed

"We are grateful for the Halt the Harm Network and the collaboration with Leaders from different areas. Working together to help those who have been abandoned by the industry that harmed them, and our government has given these people hope."



You’re invited to access insight, training, support and help to create your advocacy network with Netcentric Campaigns. Check out the case studies, and get in touch to share your important work.

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One of the first to sound the alarm on fracking and a guide to all that picked up the work, learn about Barbara's work a  Damascus Citizens for Sustainability

“You have helped! By showing how to say things clearly without any extras but with a punch!”

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Visionary Leader and Career Advocate for Public Health 

A friendly, skilled and battle-tested public health campaigner who mobilizes large-scale networks of people to successfully drive social change

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She is a global leader in the drive to expand WASH access to people who need it.  Support Vero's amazing work at IRC Ghana

"A strategy that evokes these two twi proverbs: “ duako gye mframa a ebu” [meaning “if a tree stands in the path of the wind alone, it falls”] and “dua ko ntumi nyϵ kwae” [literally means a single tree cannot make a forest]"

Dynamic Staffing. Targeted Networks. Consistent Results.

Since 2000, Netcentric Campaigns has worked with more than 50 staff and fellows, dozens of vendors, thousands of leaders, and hundreds of thousands of supporters to advance important social change work.

Our work is rooted in core values and a specific discipline around network building. The methods, techniques and approaches Netcentric Campaigns is committed to sharing widely.

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Active Project

Halt the Harm Network: People fighting the harms of fracking and oil and gas development.

Netcentric Campaigns is supporting leaders and applying our design methods and framework to help halt the harms of oil and gas development.

Building a powerful network to create change requires a careful, disciplined investment in strategies designed to make meaningful connections among the people who make change happen.


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Sam's dedicated to environmental protection and a leader that helped build FracTracker Alliance

"The folks at Netcentric Campaigns are not only incredible visionaries but also fantastic to work with."


Active Project

Asutifi North Ahunadie Nmputo: Life-saving water, sanitation, and hygiene services to 65,000 people in Ghana.

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The ANAMWASH project in Asutifi supports collaboration and builds rituals and practices needed to foster deeper ties among the key stakeholders. The work creates the mechanisms for peer-to-peer coordination, opens feedback from users of water systems, and works on culture shifts required to support the vision of the local government and leaders.





7 Elements of Network Building is a free self-guided course taught over online meetings and independent work.  Each lesson is delivered to lay out the groundwork and action steps to using networks to catalyze lasting social change.